Event Onboarding Document

Sent to Event Directors with the Onboarding email, this guide covers all of the important steps for ensuring a seamless event!

1. Admin Details

It is a League/Tournament Director’s responsibility to give the name & email address of anyone who needs “Director” level access to GameSheet so we can create their account. This is complete admin permissions, including the ability to edit completed games.

Each new user will receive a verification email to complete their account setup. If you do not see the verification email please check your spam/junk folder.

Provide GameSheet with the names and emails for all League Officials (Directors, Convenors, Referee-in-Chiefs etc.) and their desired level of access.  

Existing Accounts

Users with existing Dashboard accounts will be automatically updated to include their new Season.

2. Season Settings:

The Season will be set up with default Season Settings. You will need to check the settings and make any changes that apply to your league/tournament. As a note, individual divisions/pools can also use separate settings if needed.

Division Settings Overview

Season Settings Overview

Player Stats Display - Public or Private

Penalty Settings

Flagging Criteria

3. Divisions, Teams, and Rosters:

Team Upload Email

We are using a new system this year.  League Directors will fill in the team import template  Team Import CSV, and send it back to their GameSheet Contact, where we will email the initial Invitation Codes directly to coaches/managers.

When the email is sent, the divisions and teams will be created.  It is important that if you have Pools that they are created in the divisions (ex) U14AA Pool A, U14AA Pool B.  This will remove the step of moving teams to the correct pools thus reducing errors.

In the Head Coach and Coach Email columns, the primary contact needs to be filled in.  If you have a manager or secondary contact please add their information as well. 

4. Team Invitation Codes and Information:

Coaches/Team Managers need to accept their Team's Invitation Code to gain access to the Dashboard and their team's information. This will give them access to completed/scheduled games, subscribes them to receive post-game emails, and allows them to update/modify their Roster.

If coaches are having difficulty loading their rosters please send them the following link:

Quick Start Guide for Team Managers/Coaches

Additional Information for Coaches/Managers

Invitation Codes / Inviting New Users

Invitation Code vs Scoring Access Key

Accepting an Invitation Code as an Existing User

5.  Importing Rosters

Importing a Roster from USA Hockey

HCR Rosters

Importing Rosters via CSV

Very important to Confirm the Teams and Rosters are Correct!

6. iPad Scoring App Installation Instructions:

Installation instructions for the Scoring app: Installing the Scoring App

7. Scoring Access Key:

Your Scoring Access Key is used to sign in to the iPad Scoring App which is used to score games. Here is the guide for the scorekeepers.

Quick Start Guide - Scoring a Game on iPad

The League Director will need to communicate this key to the person scoring the game.   These could be coaches/managers/scorekeepers.

Signing Into the iPad Scoring App

8. Embeddable Stats Widget:

Instructions to embed your scores, schedules and standings are in the link below.

Embed the Scores / Schedule / Standings

9. Schedule:

Adding Games to the Schedule

League Directors or Schedulers with appropriate permissions can import schedules using a CSV file. Detailed instructions for scheduling games are provided in the here:  Scheduling Games

Please use the following schedule template to import the games. Schedule Template

Often when scheduling games there are some common scheduling errors. Please use the link below if encountering scheduling errors.

Common Schedule CSV Import Errors

Editing Games Scheduled Games

You can edit games in bulk by using the CSV Export/Import, or one at a time, by following the steps below:

  1. Go to View Schedule on the Dashboard
  2. Search/find the game that needs editing/updating.
  3. Click on the Blue Home or Blue Visitor team (TBD will be in blue) of the game you want to edit.   This will bring up an editable menu.
  4. Make your changes, and then save.

More information is also available here about halfway down the article:

Scheduling Games

10. Help Guide

The Help Option is available on the dashboard.  It provides answers as well as allows question to be asked of our team. This is a very useful tool.

Pro Tips

  1. Your league id can be found in the URL after clicking on the league in the Dashboard.
  2. Season and Division IDs can be found in the URL after clicking on a division in the Dashboard.

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