Quick Start Guide - Scoring a Game

This is a quick overview of setting up and scoring a game.  Refer to our complete Knowledge Base and Training videos for more information and specific details.   

Open the Scoring App 

  • Open the GameSheet scoring app on your iPad. 

  • If the app is requesting a "League iPad Access Key"  enter it.  (There is no need to logout when done.   The League iPad Access Key is available from your league / event executive.)
  • Select:   + New Game >  Load from Schedule
  • Use the filters and then select the appropriate Load Game button.

  • Touch the "Game" and the app will take you a Game Details page.
  • Confirm / Edit the details of the game.  (period lengths, game type etc.)
  • Some Leagues don't use the Schedule tool and create games from Scratch.   Most exhibition games are created from Scratch as well.

Confirm / Edit the Rosters 

  • Confirm / Edit the details of the game (period lengths, game type etc.)
  • Touch the Visitor or Home pages and confirm the roster information (Starting Goalie, Suspended players, injured players etc) and have the coaches sign.
  • Editing a field can be done just by touching that field and following the prompts.
  • This needs to be done by both the Home and the Visitor teams.

Score the Game

  • The iPad can now be given to the Score Keeper.
  • The Score Keeper will need to note the actual Start Time on the Game Details page.
  • Score the game.

Post Game 

  • At the completion of the game, the Score keeper clicks on End Game and has the Referees complete the Officials / Post Game page, including their signatures.

  • The Referees are expected to lock the game by touching the Lock Game button.
  • If there are any Errors indicated, these need to be sorted fixed.
  • Warnings are not critical and the game can still be uploaded.

Upload the Completed Game

  • Once the is locked, it can now be uploaded by the Referee or the Score keeper etc by clicking on the Blue Cloud.   The Game will disappear from the Active list and will now be in the Uploaded list.
  • An internet connection is required to upload.
  • Completed games are very tiny (30 word text message size) to upload with a Hotspot

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