Warnings and Errors in the iPad Scoring App

As you proceed through the various screens in the iPad Scoring app, you'll begin to see icons appearing which indicate the number of Errors and/or Warnings present on each screen.

  • Errors must be corrected before a game can be locked an uploaded
  • Warnings indicate fields which your league may want you to complete but are not required in order to lock and upload a game.
  • Tap an error/warning icon to view the list of errors and warnings
  • Tap a specific error to view and correct it

Common Errors

  • Goal or Penalty is missing a field
    • All fields must be filled in when adding a goal or penalty
  • Game has no referee
    • Officials may be added at any time, but they will need to sign the scoresheet after the game is over
  • More than one player has the same number
    • No two players on the same team can have the same number

Common Warnings

  • Team has no starting goalie
    • Make sure to select a starting goalie, so that they can be credited for their saves and games played
  • Game Type is not specified
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