Exhibition Games

The GameSheet can  easily be used to score Exhibition Games, even if the other team is not part of your regular league play.  Be sure to set the Game Type to exhibition while setting up the game in the Scoring App.

Exhibition Games against teams in your league.

If the team you are playing is already part of the league that you have access to on the iPad Scoring then just be sure to set the "Game Type" to Exhibition.

Exhibition Games against teams not in your league.

If the team you are playing is not available for you to select in the iPad Scoring App, just send us a quick email and GameSheet will add them in.  They may already be part of our system, complete  with a roster and dashboard account.  If they are not part of the system, their coach / manager can quickly add in their roster right at game time in the Scoring app.

New Team Invitation Code

If the team was created in the system for an exhibition game, you will likely be asked to share with their coach / manager the team invitation code so they can access the completed scoresheet afterwards.

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