Team User Invitation Email Template

Using the GameSheet System

The GameSheet digital scoring system replaces traditional paper score sheets and has two primary components:

  1. The Team Dashboard This is where managers and coaches can manage their roster, view their past and upcoming games, and view their team stats.
  2. The iPad Scoring App. This is the digital version of the paper score sheet. Games are scored using this app and are uploaded to the Dashboard website where they can be viewed.

Accessing the Team Dashboard

Dashboard access is intended for coaches and managers. It is not intended for parents or players.

  1. If you don't already have a GameSheet account, create a new account by following these steps:
    1. Go to and click "Sign Up"
    2. Paste in your team's Invitation Code, verify that you have the right team, and click "Continue."
      1. Note that the invitation code is 10 characters long and is composed of random numbers and letters. If you did not receive an invitation code, contact your league administrator. 
    3. Fill in the remaining required fields and click "Create Account."

  2. If you already have a GameSheet account, accept your invitation by following these steps:
    1. Log into the Team Dashboard with your email and password.
      1. If you forgot your password, use the forgot password link to reset it. 
    2. Click on the team name at the top of the screen
    3. Click on "Add New Team" from the dropdown menu. 
    4. Paste the invitation code into the field and click "Continue."
    5. Verify that the correct team is listed, and click "Continue."
    6. Determine if you'd like to link this team to another team that you already have access to and click "Accept Invitation."
      1. Teams should be linked when the team already exists elsewhere in GameSheet
      2. Linked teams will have their rosters synced
      3. Example: A team uses GameSheet for their regular season. The team plays in a tournament that also uses GameSheet. These teams should be linked.

Managing your Roster

Now that you have a GameSheet account and you've logged into the Team Dashboard, you're ready to set up your team's roster. Here are the steps to get started with roster management: 

  1. Click on the roster tab of the Team Dashboard
  2. If your team's roster is already loaded, review the roster and make any necessary edits. You can edit a player / coach profile by clicking on the player / coach .
  3. If your team's roster has not been loaded, you may add players several different ways using the "Actions" button. You can import your roster from a CSV/Excel file, the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR), or the USA Hockey Registry or add players / coaches one at a time.

For more information on how to manage you roster, see the GameSheet Knowledge Base article on Roster Management.

Viewing Completed Score Sheets

To view the score sheet for a completed game:

  1. Click on a completed game in the schedule
  2. Click "Actions"
  3. Click "Download Scoresheet"

Note: All team users are automatically subscribed to receive post game summaries via email. 

More information and training resources can be found in the GameSheet Knowledge Base,, and in our Training Videos.

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