Importing Rosters via CSV (Excel)

Team rosters are often tracked using spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can be exported/saved as CSV (comma separated value) files that, when formatted correctly, can be imported into GameSheet. This saves a great deal of time compared to entering each player individually.

Who has the ability to import a roster?

Users who have the Director, Convenor, or Manager role for the destination team(s).

How do you import a roster for a single team?

  1. Navigate to your team's roster page, either via the Season Teams page or through the team's Division. 
  2. Click the "Import From CSV" button in the top right. 
  3. Ensure your CSV file matches the expected layout and upload it to receive a preview of the import.
  4. Confirm the import to load your team's roster.

Example CSV


Pro Tips

  • Use the External ID to track player stats across seasons. Typically, it should match the registration ID.
  • Keep all columns in the CSV template. Don't remove any column, even if it will be empty.
  • Column order does not matter as long as the headings match the template.
  • To export an Excel file to a CSV, choose "Save As", then pick "CSV (Comma delimited)" in the "Save as type" box.

How do you import rosters for multiple teams at once?

  • Navigate to your Season and click the "Import From CSV" button in the Season Roster section.
  • Unlike importing a single team's roster, you'll need to add the appropriate Team ID to each row in order to assign the players and coaches to their respective teams.

Pro Tips

  • Players /Coaches imported without a Team ID are added to the season roster, but will not be assigned to any teams.
  • For large seasons, e.g. 500+ players, it is best to break your import CSV into several files.

Where do I find the Team ID?

The Team ID is shown where the team is listed in our system — In the Season Teams page, or the Division Teams page.

Can I preview my import?

  • Yes, prior to importing your roster we will provide you with a preview / summary detailing how many players / coaches will be imported.
  • If there are any errors in the import CSV file, the system will inform you of them. (eg - missing a column or using an incorrectly spelled position etc)
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