User Roles and Permissions

  • GameSheet users can be assigned any of the following user roles:
    1. Director
    2. Convenor
    3. Manager
    4. Observer
    5. Guest
  • Roles are associated with levels and levels are the "things" that you interact with in GameSheet, e.g. a specific season or a team.
  • Users can have multiple roles, for example a user can have the Team Manager role for a team they are coaching in one division while also having the Division Convenor role for a different division within the same season. Using this example the user would be able to view all of the game sheets for the team they are coaching as well as all of the game sheets for games played in the division they are the convenor of, but they would only be able to view the referee report for the games played in the division where they have the convenor role. 
  • When roles overlap, the role with the highest level of permission is applied. E.g. If a user with a Team Manager role for a team in Season A also has a Season Director role for Season A the permissions of the Season Director role would be applied.

User Roles & Permissions

C - Create R - Read U - Update D - Delete

Who can create and manager users? 

Managers and coaches can create their own accounts using invitation codes for their teams. Only GameSheet administrators can create and manage all other users, such as directors and conveners.

GameSheet Dashboard vs Team Dashboard

GameSheet has 2 user environments, the GameSheet Dashboard and the Team Dashboard. The Team Dashboard is intended for managers and coaches of teams. The GameSheet dashboard is intended for all other users, including league administrators, directors, convenors and observers. Managers and coaches are also able to use the GameSheet Dashboard, but the Team Dashboard is specifically designed for their needs.

Link to the Team Dashboard:

Link to the GameSheet Dashboard:

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