Gameplan for a Successful Season

Use this guide and checklist to stay organized and make sure you’ve done everything you need to make this season go as smoothly as possible.  

Pre-Season Administration

  • Read the Services and Responsibilities document to ensure you are aware of who is responsible for what.
  • Provide  GameSheet with a principal contact to be the first line of support for League related enquiries, e.g. “What’s my league’s Scoring Access Key?”.
  • Provide GameSheet with your Season’s start date.
  • Provide GameSheet with the names and emails for all League Officials (Directors, Convenors, Referee-in-Chiefs etc) and their desired level of access.   
  • Confirm that your Dashboard account has been updated to include your new Season or, if you’re a new user, that you have received an invitation email to access the Dashboard.  

Season Setup

Pro Tips

  1. An invitation code may be used by anyone to create an account, or update an existing account, with access to the linked team. Do not send all teams all of the invitations.  
  2. Copy and paste the codes for each association and email them separately to the association contact. Have them distribute to each team

Install the iPad Scoring App

Add Scores, Schedule, Standings, and Stats to Your Website

Pro Tips

  1. Your league id can be found in the URL after clicking on the league in the Dashboard.
  2. Season and Division IDs can be found in the URL after clicking on a division in the Dashboard.

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