Penalty Settings

When assigning a penalty in the GameSheet system the scorekeeper needs to select the penalty type, e.g. "Tripping", as well as the length (duration) of the penalty. Since penalty types and lengths can vary from league to league, these lists can be customized for each season in the Penalty Settings section of the Edit Season page.  Penalty lengths can also be adjusted for each Division via the Edit Division page.

Can penalty lengths and types be changed once the season has started?

  • Yes, penalty types and penalty lengths can be updated at any time.   
  • Changes will not affect already completed games.

What penalty types are loaded by default? 

  • By default penalty types and durations are populated with the complete list from the Hockey Canada rule book.
  • GameSheet maintained penalty type lists are available for USAH, NCAA, Ball Hockey, professional leagues and Box Lacrosse here.

Can I edit the complete list of penalty types?

  • Yes. If you'd like to update or modify a penalty list, click the “Download Penalty list”, edit the CSV file in Excel or Google Drive, save as CSV, and upload the updated list by clicking "Import From CSV."
  • Each penalty should have the following columns:
    • Label
      • This is the full name of the penalty "High Sticking"
      • This will be displayed to the scorekeeper when they are making their selection
    • Code
      • This is an abbreviated version of the penalty label.
      • This will be displayed as shorthand in various locations
    • Class
      • This is the type of penalty
      • Common examples in hockey include Minor, Major, Misconduct, Game Misconduct and Match
    • Duration
      • This is the standard duration of the penalty in minutes. This can be modified by division to meet specific age group needs.
      • Example: A minor for tripping has a standard duration of 2 minutes.

Here is how to Update the Penalties and Durations:

  • Navigate to the Edit Season page:
  • Download the List
  • Update the list as needed
  • Re-Import the list and it will replace the existing.

Adding more than 1 duration for a penalty Class:

  • This can be done directly in the csv upload for the whole season or
  • It can be modified by editing each Division.

Who can change the Penalty Settings?

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