Division Settings Overview

Division settings provide customization options for your league. Things like the default length of periods, Public or Private Stats display, Point system used for your standings, and Penalty lengths can all be customized via the Division settings.

Who can create or edit a Division?

  • Users who have the Director or Convenor role at the Season level are able to add or edit a Division's settings.

Where do I find the Division settings?

  • You may access the Edit Division settings from the Divisions page by tapping / clicking the Edit button that appears beside the Division title.

Additional information on Division Settings: 

Pro Tips

  • Season settings can be overridden at the Division level. 
  • Update the Season Settings before updating Division settings as division settings are inherited from the season. 
  • Season and Division settings can be updated at any time without affecting past games.
  • The number of periods and their lengths can be overridden at game time on the iPad Scoring app.
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