Managing Your Roster

Editing an Existing Roster

Via the Dashboard Website

From the Team Roster page:

  1. Click / Tap on the name of the player you'd like to update. This will engage the edit mode.
  2. With edit mode now engaged, click / tap on the field you want to change.
  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Click / Tap the "Save" button.

Pro Tip

  • A player’s profile can include a number of attributes beyond just their name and jersey number. For more information on this see our article on Editing a Player's Profile
  • If you need to make roster changes immediately before a game, make those changes at the rink while reviewing your roster in the iPad Scoring app.

Via the iPad Scoring App

From the Home/Visitor Lineup page:

  1. Tap on a player's number to edit
    1. Number changes will have the option of saving the change to the roster for future games, or "for this game only."
  2. Tap on a player / coach's status to change from Playing, to SuspendedSitting Out, or Injured
  3. Tap "Duty" to add a captaincy role
  4. Tap "Position" to change a player or coach's position
  5. Add new players, affiliate players coaches using the "+ Add Coach," "+ Add Player" or "+ Add Affiliate Player" buttons.

Pro Tip

  • The iPad Scoring app loads latest rosters from the Dashboard when a new game is created. Any changes made to rosters via the iPad Scoring app are only synced with the Dashboard when the completed game is uploaded. 

Setting up a New Roster

Import Via CSV (Excel) File

A team’s entire roster, including coaches, can be imported via a single CSV file. For instructions on how to do this, see our Importing Rosters Via CSV (Excel) article. 

Picking Players / Coaches from the “Season Roster”

To add an existing player / coach from the Season Roster, use the “Add Existing “ button and search the season by player / coach name. This is useful for selecting from a pool of already registered players. This pool includes players who could be on other teams or just part of the season waiting to be selected.  

Manually, One-at-a-Time

From the Team Roster page of the Dashboard, new players and coaches can be added using the “+ New “ button. Fill in the required fields (name for players, name and position for coaches) and save.

Pro Tips

  • External ID is not required and will be generated if left blank. For more info on this field see the related article, What is the External ID?.
  • To make this process faster, use the tab key to move between fields and the return / enter key to save.
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