Importing a Roster from USA Hockey

Using GameSheet's integration with USA Hockey, teams have the ability to import their USA Hockey approved roster directly into their GameSheet team. The process is easy and all you need to get started is your USA Hockey Team ID.

How to Import Your Team's Roster from USA Hockey on the Team Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Roster tab and click Actions"
  2. Click "Import from USA Hockey"
  3. Paste in, or type in the USA Hockey Team ID (all CAPS for the State identifier section) and click "Start Import Process"
  4. Grab a coffee and hang tight while your roster is imported automagically from the USA Hockey Registration system.

Pro Tips:

  • Your USA Hockey Team ID is listed below the Team Name on the USA Hockey Registry's Team page. The Team ID is formatted as 3 letters\ (all capitalized) followed by 4 digits then a dash then 3 digits. E.g. MNH1234-567.
  • If your roster does not import, double check that your Team ID is correct and that your roster is approved — only approved rosters can be imported.
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