Updating a Team's Roster in the iPad Scoring App

To Make Changes:

  • To check for an updated version of your roster, tap "Check for Update"
  • Tap on a player's number to edit
    • Number changes will have the option of saving the change to the roster for future games, or "for this game only."
  • Tap on a player / coach's status to change from Playing, to SuspendedSitting Out, or Injured
  • Tap "Duty" to add a captaincy role
  • Tap "Position" to change a player or coach's position
  • Add new players, affiliate players coaches using the "+ Add Coach," "+ Add Player" or "+ Add Affiliate Player" buttons.

Important Note:

  • Once the Head Coach of a team has signed for their roster, the "Check for Update" button is no longer available.
  • In this case, remove the Head Coaches signature and the "Check for Updates" option will reappear.
    • Obvoiusly the HC will need to re-sign.
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