Player Stats Display - Public or Private

The Player Stats Display season setting allows leagues to specify whether or not they want individual player statistics published to the public web.

What is affected by setting player stats to public / private?

  • When set to “public”, player stats are published to the web and are available via the GameSheet website as well as via the season's Scores/Standings/Stats pages.
  • When set to “private” player stats are viewable only to users who are logged in to the Dashboard and have access to the appropriate season. Visitors not logged into GameSheet will see a message informing them that there "No player stats are available".

Pro Tip

  • Users who are logged in can always view player stats regardless of the Player Stats Display setting. 
  • Phones and computers use cookies to remember that you are logged in to the Dashboard making the stats seem public even though they are set to private. Check with an incognito window or a different web-browser.

How do I change the player stats from Private to Public?

  • Users with the Director or Convenor role can change the Player Stats Display setting via the Edit Season and Edit Division pages.
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