Invitation Codes / Inviting New Users

What is an Invitation or Invitation Code?

  • An Invitation or an Invitation Code is a 10 letter random code that is linked to a specific team in the system.  The invitation can be used to create a new Dashboard account or to update an existing account with access to that particular team. 

Who are they for?

  • Invitation Codes are designed for Team access, Coaches and Managers.  They can be reused and they do not expire.

How do I accept a new invitation code?

How are Invitation Codes created?

  • The Invitation Codes are automatically generated whenever a new team is created in the system.  The level of access / rights is set to "Manager" by default.

Where are team Invitation Codes found?

  • Each team's Invitation Code in the system is listed on both the Season's Teams page and the Divisions' Teams page.

How are the codes distributed to the appropriate individuals?

  • The codes can be copied and emailed directly to the teams or distributed through a Club / Association contact person. It is up to the League Administration to distribute the codes, either directly to the teams or through the Club / Association contacts.

Pro Tips

  1. Do not send all teams all of the invitations.  
  2. Copy and paste the codes for each association and email them separately to the association contact. Have them distribute to each team
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