Services and Responsibilities

This list outlines in general, what you can expect from GameSheet and what is expected of you as a customer using the GameSheet system. 

GameSheet provides the following services / actions:

  • Creating Seasons.
  • Configuring initial Season settings including:
    • Penalty Settings - types and Lengths
    • Period Lengths 
    • Game Categories 
    • Player Stats setting (Public / Private)
    • Point system & tie breakers
    • Game Flagging criteria
  • Setting up of your league’s Scoring Access Key.
  • Creating user accounts for directors and convenors.
  • Importing Divisions, Teams, and Rosters from the HCR (when applicable).
  • Providing the Player of the Game Tool (when applicable).
  • Providing the HTML code for embedding Scores/Schedule/Standings/Stats into an existing website.
  • Providing the HTML code for arena digital display.
  • Technical support for issues arising in situations that are not covered under the League / Tournament responsibilities section.
  • Hosting of your league’s game data.
  • On demand digital Training and Support materials.

Customers are responsible the following services / actions:

  • Providing names and emails of all required Director and Convenor users.
  • Providing GameSheet with a date for HCR import (if applicable)
  • Distributing Dashboard Team Invitation Codes.
  • Distributing the Scoring Access Key.
  • Reviewing and updating the  Season settings:
    • Penalty Types and Lengths
    • Period Lengths 
    • Game Categories 
    • Player Stats setting (Public / Private)
    • Point System & Tie Breakers
    • Game Flagging Criteria
  • Creating Divisions (when applicable)
  • Updating Division settings where they differ from the Season settings.
  • Creating new Teams (when applicable)
  • Adding/Importing and maintaining Team Rosters.
  • Editing of Team names.
  • Adding Scheduled Games.
  • Editing Completed Games.
  • Posting the GameSheet Logo on League / Season website.
  • Providing GameSheet with your League / Tournament logo for use on the GameSheet website.
  • Providing GameSheet with a principal contact who will be the first line of support for League related items, such as:
    • Team Invitation Codes
    • Scoring Access Key 
    • iPad Scoring App installation instructions
    • Game updating / editing 
  • Timely return of rented iPads
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