Signing Into the iPad Scoring App

if you have an invitation code and are trying to manage a team see our instructions for creating a Dashboard website account.

To use the iPad Scoring app you must sign in using an Access Key. Your Access Key allows the app to download your league's specific settings, such as the divisions, the teams, period lengths, penalty settings etc.  

The Access Key for your league, along with an access key for our Demo league, will have been provided to your League / Tournament Director and you should contact them if you have not received them. 

How to Sign In

  1. Open the iPad Scoring app.
  2. Enter your league's iPad Access Key into the form field and tap the "Sign In" button.

Pro Tips

  • If you don't know your league's access key you can find it on the GameSheet Dashboard website.
  • You may switch between iPad Access Keys by logging out and logging back in with a different key. Switching between accounts will not affect in-progress, scheduled, or uploaded games. When you sign back in with an Access Key, the games scored using that key will be in the state in which you left them.

Don't know your league's iPad Access Key?

  • Contact your league / association if you don't know your iPad Access Key. This key was provided to them by GameSheet and they will be able to provide it to you. 

How to tell what key the app is signed into?

  • The iPad Key you're currently signed into is shown on the Games screen in the top right corner (beside the gear icon).

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