Game Flagging

  • Flags are visual indicators added to completed games to indicate that a game may require review. 
  • Games which are flagged feature a small orange flag icon located to the right of the game. Hovering over the icon will display the reason(s) for why the game has been flagged.

Who can see game flags?

  • All users with access to completed games can see game flags.

Who is game flagging most useful for?

  • Flagging is most useful for the league officials who are responsible for reviewing game sheets. The flagging system was designed to provide these officials with an easy way to identify games that require their attention. For example, the Referee in Chief for your league may want all games that include a major penalty to be flagged so they can quickly review games where supplementary discipline may be required.

How to change what triggers a game being flagged?

  • Games are flagged using criteria that are set in the Flagging Criteria section of the Edit Season page. Flagging criteria are enabled by checking the box beside the criteria you wish to turn on. Note that you need to save the season before the change will take effect. 
  • Changes to flagging criteria are not retroactive. If the flagging criteria are modified mid-season the changes will only apply to games uploaded after the change. Past games will be unaffected.

Pro Tip

  • Use the Search Tool and Select All feature to quickly select all M, MP, GM, and GRM penalties.

Can flags be removed?

  • No. flags are a permanent attribute of a completed game and cannot be removed.

Can flags be customized for each user? 

  • Flags are not customizable to individual users as they are part of the Season settings.

Who can update the flagging criteria?

  • Users who have the Director or Convenor role.
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