Hardware (iPad) Solution Guide

Many associations and Leagues have questions about how to deal with the hardware (iPad) requirement.

  • Should we buy new iPads? Can we purchase refurbished iPads?
  • Can someone on our team bring their personal iPad?  
  • Where do we buy an iPad and what kind should we buy?   
  • Where should the iPad be stored?  
  • Who is responsible to have for bringing an iPad to the game?

Common Solutions / Procedures currently in use:

1. Teams provide their own iPads.

  • The coach or manager uses their own. 
  • Another parent volunteers their iPad for use at home games.
  • The team purchases an iPad. At the end of the season they either raffle it off or keep it for the next year. This is the most common approach.

2. Associations provide iPads for each team.

  • Charge a set amount to each team (~ $200) for the iPad at the start of the season, and when it is returned at the end of the season refund a predetermined amount.  After a few seasons, all costs should been recuperated.  (Peterborough Minor Hockey)
  • Provide them to each team and charge the team for the cost of the iPad if it is not returned at the end of the year. 
  • Provide them to teams if needed and include the cost in the team fees.

3. Associations provide iPads for each ice surface. The iPads are stored at the facility in a secured location. They can be signed in and out.  Some of the solutions in use include:

  • The concession stands.  (Pickering Minor Hockey Association)
  • A locked box in the Referee Room  
  • The association office.  (North Central Predators AAA)
  • The front desk of the arena.  (Western Fair Arena - London)
  • The Zamboni office, where the keys to the dressing rooms are kept. 

5. Associations provide iPads for each Convenor.

  • In many cases, a league / division convenor (or designate) is required to be at the arena during games.  They are responsible for the iPads. (Newmarket Minor Hockey)

6. Scorekeepers bring their own iPads. 

  • They are required to have an iPad as part of the job. 
  • Associations provide an iPad to each scorekeeper for use.

More ideas and solutions:

  • Over the years, we have seen that on a team of 15 - 17 players, the families usually have 30+ iPads collectively.  Almost every family has at least 1 iPad in their possession. iPads can easily be placed into “Guided Access” allowing personal information to be protected.
  • New iPads offer the advantage of being the latest technology and use the most recent operating system. This is also the most expensive route, but should offer the longest life.
  • Refurbished iPads are a cost-efficient option.  These can provide an upfront price break and many years of service.  
  • Team iPads can be used for a variety of purposes including:
    • Filming away games
    • Providing a music playlist for the scorekeeper

Why iPads and not Android tablets?

  • Apple does a good job of supporting older equipment as new hardware is introduced.
  • Consistent, high quality and reliability of Apple hardware.
  • User experience is assured - the software will work as expected on any model iPad.
  • There is no way to ensure that all different Android devices from dozens of manufacturers will run the software as it should.
  • Not all Android tablets are created equally, but all iPads are. 

What iPad model should we purchase?

For the most up-to-date information on iPad models and requirements, see the iPad Scoring App Requirements article.

Tournament iPad Rentals: 

  • If you require iPads for tournaments, we have a limited supply available and rent them for $15/iPad+Shipping per tournament.

Purchasing iPads:

There are 2 options available if you are looking to purchase iPads:

1. New

  • Direct from Apple or another authorized dealer
  • Offers the longest use of the hardware
  • Options to purchase extended warranty and protection plans

2. Refurbished

  • Offers excellent value at a reduced price
  • Lasts for many seasons

GameSheet regularly sources refurbished iPads for our customers.  Models and pricing vary, but all come with a good rubber protective case and a 90-day warranty.  If you are interested in purchasing iPads through GameSheet, please contact us info@gamesheetinc.com

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