GameSheet Executive Summary

GameSheet is an Integrated Digital Scorekeeping and League Management Solution 

We are not just a scoring tool. GameSheet has been recognized as best-in-class league management technology by some of the largest and most respected hockey leagues/affiliates in the world including the OMHA, BCHL, Minnesota Hockey, and Tier 1 Elite League. Easing the burden of every stakeholder in the game!   (Conveners, League Executives, Coaches, Managers, Referees, Time Keepers and Parents) All the details of the game at your fingertips the second it happens with our Live Scoring feature. 

GameSheet moves our game forward – through our patent pending analytics on referees, penalties, suspension and injuries. Key stakeholders can now make data-informed business and policy decisions to help grow the game, make it safer and more enjoyable for players/families. 

GameSheet provides an innovative scoring platform whereby the traditional paper score sheet has been transformed into a digital equivalence allowing score keepers to intuitively score a game on an iPad and generate an official signed score sheet. The GameSheet system exceeds all the requirements of an official score sheet as outlined by Hockey Canada, USAH and AAU.

Update and Streamline your League Operations

Problem: Paper Score Sheets

  • Transcribing paper scoresheets is time consuming and error prone (and illegible).
  • Coaches, parents, and fans now expect instant results on your website. 
  • Paper copies need to be distributed to coaches and eventually delivered to the league.
  • Identifying and tracking suspended players is often delayed and incomplete.
  • Analytical data to improve your league and sport is virtually non-existent.
  • Posting of individual player stats is a huge undertaking.

Solution: The GameSheet System

  • No paper score sheets to order, distribute and collect.
    • Remove the aggravation and expense of roster stickers.
  • Use a single point of Data Entry.
    • Only the Scorekeeper records the game data.
    • No longer are "ghost" players getting points.
    • The writing is perfectly legible.
  • Scores, Standings are updated instantly on your website.
    • Including individual players stats if you wish.
  • Digital record keeping provides easy access for Coaches and League officials.
    • The score sheet is emailed instantly upon completion. 
  • Suspension tracking is always up to date with no delays.
  • Games with Misconducts and suspensions are flagged and identified.
  • Advanced reporting tools enable decisions based on real data and analytics.
    • Have a complete player penalty history in your hands at the next hearing.
    • Is there a team that everyone complains about?  You now know if it is warranted.

You don't have to take our word for it ...

The ETA is entering its 4th season using GameSheet Inc’s electronic game sheet. Its use has been the most significant item in improving our administrative system and in providing timely game results and statistics in our history.

Bill Schlitt, OMHA Eastern AAA President, Sept 2019

Is this an Official Score Sheet?

Complete with coach and referee signatures?

  • GameSheet collects and produces official score sheets, complete with any signatures required by your league.

Turning this:

Into that:

How does a coach and the League get a copy of the score sheet?

  • As soon as the game is completed an email is sent to the coaches and managers with the results and a link to the score sheet. 
  • League Executives have access to every game, instantly via the GameSheet website.
  • No more waiting for that Game Misconduct report or finding out 2 weeks later that a suspension was not served.

What about Referee / Incident Reports?  

How does our Referee in Chief or Discipline Coordinator get the reports?

  • incident reports can be voice recorded or typed, and are embedded directly into the digital scoresheet so they are accessible immediately by league officials.
  • Teams do not get a copy of the Referee reports.

"We are always waiting for the score sheets to arrive in order to confirm that players have served their suspension."

How does GameSheet improve tracking suspensions?

  • The Suspension report is updated as soon as a game is completed.
  • Just add the Suspension report link to your “favourites” and you have instant access to it.

Can data from our game sheets be used to improve player disciplinary hearings and suspensions?

  • View individual player and coach reports to see their infraction history, summary statistics, suspensions, major penalties and game logs.
  • Aggregate team, division, and league reports provide insights into the types and frequencies of penalties being assessed. This data is so key to making informed decisions that the OMHA even wrote a White Paper about it (available upon request). 
  • Referee reports provide insight into the different officiating styles and are a great resource for review and training.

We have our own website, how can we display the Scores and Standings?

  • Scores, Standings, Schedule, Player, and Goalie stats pages can be embedded into any website.

Can the game be posted Live on our site?

  • Live Scoring is part of the Scoring App
  • Live Scoring requires no additional effort or training for scorekeepers
  • View either Play by Play or Live Box Scores
  • A personal hotspot works great, the data usage is small 

How do the Rosters get into GameSheet from our registration system?

  • GameSheet has access to pull rosters directly from the HCR and from the USAH database.
  • Rosters can be uploaded en masse via Excel / CSV. 
  • Teams self manage (add, edit or delete).

Our Scorekeepers are not computer fluent, how will they adapt?

  • The system was built to be a Hockey score sheet, not adapted to fit.
  • If you know how to score a hockey game, you can use GameSheet.
  • We have a series of training videos and provide pre-season training.

Satisfied Customers

iPad and Hardware Solutions and Ideas

This article is full of solutions and options, all of which are currently in use.

I used it once in Ontario, was totally blown away with it.  I ran the first event in Chicago on my own. I am the least technological person I know. Since then I have joined the company to push this product across the USA!”

Gino Cavallini - 11 Year NHL Veteran and Chicago Mission Hockey Director

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