Using GameSheet at Your Tournament

So you have decided to use the GameSheet solution for your next event.   Now what?    Here is a guide on how to implement the solution.


A few days before the event

During the Event - at the Tournament Office

The best approach is to treat each iPad like a paper scoresheet on a clipboard.  For most events, 2 iPads are used for each surface.  While 1 iPad is being used to score a game the 2nd for that particular rink is getting setup with signatures etc for the next game.

  1. Load games 1 at a time as needed to a particular iPad - from the Schedule.  Rosters are loaded at that point.
  2. Coaches / Managers from each team check over their lineups, make any corrections and sign.  
  3. Scorekeepers pick up the ready-to-go iPad with the proper game on it and score the game.
  4. When the iPad is returned after the game, ensure that the referees have signed and upload the completed game. Sometimes the scorekeepers will have already done this.  Confirm the game is posted to your dashboard and tournament website. 
  5. Modify / Edit games if necessary for points etc on the GameSheet Dashboard.
  6. In the dashboard, update any scheduled games where the teams were TBD and are now known.   
  7. Have team Invitation Codes available in case a team may need it.  

Post Event

  • Return all rental iPads, along with their cords/cubes.
  • Provide any feedback or suggestions.
  • Report any issues with the iPads or systems.
  • Ensure the invoice is paid.
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