What is Hockey Year?

  • "Hockey Year" is a season setting that allows GameSheet to group and tabulate stats from multiple seasons. 
  • Hockey seasons typically span more than one calendar year, often starting in the fall of one year and ending in the spring of the following year. Additionally, leagues often create multiple seasons in GameSheet to distinguish events or stages during the hockey year. For example, a league may have a season for regular league games, a season for their playoffs and several seasons for tournament events. Setting the Hockey Year to the same value for all of these seasons allows GameSheet to group and total the stats for a single year of hockey.

Where is Hockey Year used?

  • The Career Player stats page shows individual seasons stats as well as aggregated stats for each hockey year. 
  • The Career Player stats page can be accessed by clicking on a player's name on any of the stats pages (Scores, Team Roster, Players,

Pro Tip

  • If the "Player Stats Display" season setting is set to private, the Career Player stats page is restricted to users logged into the GameSheet Dashboard.
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