iPad Scoring App - Goalie FAQ's

Setting the Starting Goalie

Before scoring your game, it is necessary to select the starting goalie for both teams. Select the starting goalie by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Home or Visitor Lineup page.
  2. Locate the "Starting Goalie" field and tap where it says "Select"
  3. Tap to select the starting goalie from the list.

Pro Tips

  1. If no goalies appear in the list, review the team's lineup and ensure the appropriate players have the position (POS) of 'G'.
  2. The starting goalie can also be specified by setting the status of a goaltender to "Starting".

Goalie Shifts & Assigning Goals to Empty Net

GameSheet uses the concept of a Goalie Shift to track and assign goals against — this includes Empty Net. The first shift begins for the Starting Goalies at the commencement of the game and will only end if a new goalie shift is added.  

Changing Goalies - Goalie Shifts

A goalie change is initiated by tapping the "Change" button on the Scoring screen. This will open a new window showing the goalie shifts along with a "Change Goalie" button used to add a new shift. When adding a new shift you first specify the time the shift begins and then you select from either another goalie or Empty Net. Once a shift is added, goals scored during that shift will be automatically assigned to the goalie or empty net selected.

A Goal was assigned to the wrong Goalie?

Goalie shifts can be created and updated at any time and any goals scored during a Goalie shift (even if entered after the fact) will be assigned automatically.  

Shots on Net

The GameSheet Scoring app allows the Score Keeper to track the shots taken by each team.  If the shot tracker is used the Save Percentage for the goalies is calculated.

The Shot Tracking Tool

  • The Shot Tracking Tool is found on the bottom row of the Scoring Page of the iPad app. The shots are entered for each period.  When the period selector (top of the page) is moved from one period to another, the shot tracker also moves to that period.
  • Shots are entered for the team that takes the shot.  (the system will then use this number to calculate the Save Percentage for the opposing team's goalie(s))
  • In the image below, you can see that Nashville Jr Predators have taken 31 Shots in Total, and 11 so far in the 3rd Period.

Pro Tip

  • When a Goalie Change has been made, any shots entered after that change will be assigned the new goalie.
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