Quick Start Guide for Mobile Scoring (Soccer)

The GameSheet Mobile Scoring app replaces the traditional paper scoresheet, but is better in every way. Teams set their lineups on the Team App before the game. Game Officials load the game on the Mobile Scoring App and record events as they occurs. At the end of the game referees will review the scoresheet, write post-game reports and sign off. Finally the game will be uploaded to the league.

NOTE: The GameSheet Mobile Scoring app is currently only available for soccer.

At the start of the Season

For Teams: Download the Team App

  1. Team managers and coaches should download the GameSheet Team app
    1. Available as a web app on any device at this link, and can be saved to your home screen on iOS & Android
  2. Accept the invitation code for your team
    1. For more information on invitation codes, view this article

For Officials: Download the Scoring App

  1. Download the GameSheet Mobile Scoring App on your iPhone or Android
  2. Create a new account
  3. Add your Scoring Access Keys for the leagues you officiate
    1. These should be provided by leagues to officials.
    2. Scoring Access Keys allow officials to access the games they need to score

Typical Scoring Workflow

1. Team Staff: Set your Lineup

  1. Open the Team App and navigate to your next game
  2. Tap Set Lineup and make any necessary changes
  3. Sign and Publish

For more information on Team Lineups, see this article.

2. Game Officials: Load and Score the Game

  1. Tap "+ Add Game" and select any applicable filters
  2. Locate your game and tap the "+" button. This will load the game on your phone and bring you back to the the Scheduled Games page
  3. Touch the game to begin
  4. Record goals, penalties and other game events

3. Game Officials: Post Game

  1. Review the scoresheet
  2. Write reports as necessary
  3. Upload the game

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