Adding a Team Logo

Adding a logo to your team is a great way to show team pride, jazz up your team page in the stats, and help people quickly recognize your team in the standings. Adding a logo is simple and this article will show you how it's done. 

To add a logo to your team:

  1. Save a copy of your team's logo to your computer. For best results, ensure your logo image is square and at least 256 x 256 pixels.
  2. Open your web browser to the Dashboard,, and navigate to your team's roster page.
  3. Click/tap on the "Edit Name / Logo" link below your team's name. 
  4. Click on the "+ UPLOAD LOGO" button and select the logo image you saved in step 1. 
  5. Click "SAVE CHANGES".

Team Logos in Action

To see a great example of GameSheet's team logo feature in action, check out our friends at the BCHL:

Pro Tip

  • For best results, upload a high-resolution logo image, cropped so there is no white space around the outside of the emblem, and with either no background (transparent) or a plain white background.
  • Example Logo: GameSheet_Sample_Logo.jpg
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