How To Record A Penalty Shot

Recording a penalty shot in the Scoring app is very similar to recording any other penalty. The main difference is that ON time is the same as OFF and START time unless a major penalty has been assessed. 

If a player scores on a penalty shot, it should be recorded the same way that all other goals are reported. There should not be any assists awarded, and the time of the goal will be the same as the OFF time of the penalty. A shot on goal should be recorded if the goalie makes a save or if a goal is scored.


  • When a penalty shot is awarded for a minor penalty, the offending player never serves the penalty in youth hockey, regardless of the penalty shot outcome.
  • When a penalty shot is awarded for a major penalty, a player must from the offending team must be sent to serve the penalty.
  • The player serving a major penalty will most often be different from the player who committed the penalty, as, in youth hockey, the offending player is nearly always assessed a game misconduct penalty as well.
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