Player and Parent Benefits

There are number of benefits for the players and their families to the use of GameSheet:  

  • GameSheet provides all leagues and teams the option of entering Extended Player Bios into the system. The coach or manager can add a players: birth date, height, weight, shooting / catching hand, and other player related information, including a photo.  
  • The bio is continuously updated with official game data at the completion of every game.  An individual game log is also included.  
  • GameSheet has the ability to track players stats over many years / leagues and from one season to another.
  • Here is an example of Taya Currie, the first female drafted to the OHL this past season.
  • The players individual profile page can be easily shared on social media to friends or prospective coaches.
  • Live Scoring and immediate game summaries for families and friends that cannot attend are now available directly from our own website, or from the league itself.
  • GameSheet’s relationship with MyHockeyRankingsmeans that box scores are posted daily on the MHR site increasing player exposure.

Overall, the fan and player experience is enhanced when a league uses GameSheet to score their games.

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