Scheduling Practices and Events

The Team Dashboard allows for Team Managers and Coaches to add practices and team events. Practices and events are only visible to Team Managers and Coaches signed in to the Team Dashboard at this time.

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Scheduling a Practice

  1. Click on the Actions menu and select + New Practice

  1. Fill in the required fields:
    1. Start Date & Time
    2. End Time
    3. Time Zone
    4. Location

      Optional fields include repeat frequency and practice notes.

  2. Click Create Practice

Pro Tip: The Desktop schedule features a monthly calendar view.

Scheduling a Repeating Practice or Event

Both practices and events can be set to repeat as desired. Follow the same steps to repeat a practice/event.

  1. When scheduling a practice or event, click on "Repeat"
  2. Select "Weekly"
  3. Repeat every X weeks you need
  4. Select the day(s) of the week to repeat
  5. Choose the end date
  6. Click "Create Practice"

Scheduling an Event

  1. Click on the Actions button at the bottom right of the screen and select + New Event

  1. Fill in the required fields:
    1. Title
    2. Start Date & Time
    3. End Time
    4. Time Zone

      Optional fields include location, repeat frequency and event notes.

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