Goalie Shifts & Assigning Goals to Empty Net

GameSheet uses the concept of a Goalie Shift to track and assign goals against — this includes Empty Net. The first shift begins for the Starting Goalies at the commencement of the game and will only end if a new goalie shift is added.  

Changing Goalies - Goalie Shifts

A goalie change is initiated by tapping the "Change" button on the Scoring screen. This will open a new window showing the goalie shifts along with a "Change Goalie" button used to add a new shift. When adding a new shift you first specify the time the shift begins and then you select from either another goalie or Empty Net. Once a shift is added, goals scored during that shift will be automatically assigned to the goalie or empty net selected.

A Goal was assigned to the wrong Goalie?

Goalie shifts can be created and updated at any time and any goals scored during a Goalie shift (even if entered after the fact) will be assigned automatically.  

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